The second victim of homophobia is the mother!

International Opinions

Maju Giorgi is the founder and coordinator of Mães pela Diversidade, an initiative composed by mothers of LGBTI persons who fight for the rights of their children through the empowerment of their families. Maju has a gay son and she is ready to fight against any form of violence against him or any other LGBTI child.

Mães pela Diversidade was registered as an NGO in 2014 and is now composed by more than 2000 mothers spread all over the 27 Brazilian federal units. The mothers provide care to each other and use their universal love to deconstruct discrimination and prejudice. Fathers of LGBTI persons are also welcome, but the protagonist here is female. Mães pela Diversidade has become one of the most inspiring anti-discrimination movements across Brazil. In 2019, Mães was invited to open the São Paulo LGBTI Pride – the biggest in the world with 3 million participants.

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