They always see us as sluts, bitches. Because of the way we look, we have tattoos, we smoke, we live in a mixed house with men, so we try to reclaim the word again. Okay, this bitch has something to do, more concrete than you. - Mita
Before our friends were very sexist, very patriarchal and now they’re more open. They can accept different people and there’s no longer jokes. (Because it normally comes from jokes). - Igna

Activist and sexuality expert

Mita and Igna

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Mita is a queer activist from Yogyakarta, Indonesia, and works at an anarcho-feminist collective called Needle N’Biotch. She talks about how LGBTI identities have been present in Indonesia way before the Western colonization. She believes religious argumentation is used as a tool by those who don’t want to see or listen. Today, she fights for a society where sexuality issues can be freely discussed in the public space.

Igna works as a freelancer on gender and sexuality issues. She shared her experience with us on how traditional gender roles and heteronormativity may impact the perspectives of some LGBTI persons and contribute to violence among same-sex partners in Indonesia. However, she does believe that the community is becoming more aware of these issues and starting to challenge themselves and be more open to sexual fluidity.

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