Not Only Voices is an organization that connects human rights defenders around the world and discusses contemporary social and legal challenges. We raise the voice of individuals working for a better world and facilitate meaningful connections. We do so by making the work of human rights defenders on the ground more visible, raising their voices, and connecting them with each other and with different international organizations or individuals who may support their work. We bridge the gap between global shapers to create a stronger human rights movement.

Not Only Voices uses a transmedia approach and its main tool is notonlyvoices.org, an online platform. Beyond this platform, we participate in talks, workshops and exhibitions. We are human rights and film making specialists who partner with human rights defenders all over the world. In parallel, we develop specific projects in which we research, document and edit our own material.

The first specific project of Not Only Voices focused on the situation of lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans and intersex (LGBTI) persons in Southeast Asia. In 2015, we interviewed eighty LGBTI persons and allies throughout the region, and the material from these on-camera interviews are showcased on this website as well as through exhibitions around the world. The interviews are being used by local organizations as ways of activism. We are in the process of making a full length documentary about the experience, and we plan to develop a more comprehensive platform to connect LGBTI rights defenders. 

Through an intersectional approach, the ultimate goal of Not Only Voices is to empower groups with vulnerabilities while making individuals aware of their own privileges. We work on the basis that by becoming better informed, every individual can actively generate a positive impact.

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